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June 22, 2013
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Prince! England x Maid! Reader 'I don't want only someone' Chapter 1

A small town near London. Some tiny wooden cottages were standing side by side. There is also a little marketplace where traveling merchants sell their products. Between stands and in dark alleys are rats, searching for leftovers and rotten food. It’s a wonder that this town isn’t yet affected by the pest. Other towns in the Kingdom Great Brittan were affected for a long time ago. Some people claim even in other kingdoms the deadly disease is erupted.


“[name], I told you to stay at home! Why are you following me?”

“Sorry mummy, but I want to see the market. I’ve never been there before.” you answered.  

You were a five year old girl with [h/l] [h/c] hair and [e/c] eyes. You wore a [f/c] dress and shoes made of leather. Your mum don’t want you to go to the market, because she is feared a stranger could take you away.

At the market a friend of you mum greeted you two.
“Did you heard the news? The royal family was away and now they’re coming back. On their way back to London they will come through our town. Maybe already today!”

“Oh really? Why this honour?” your mum asked. She was really excited about that. It doesn’t happens all day that the king, the queen and their son, the prince visit small towns, even if they are on transit.

Just when this was said some coaches with horses came along. All people standing on the market where looking at them. The coaches were slow as if the people inside were searching for something. It seems as even the rats were paying attention.
Suddenly one coach stopped. An elegant dressed man with a crown on his had got out of it.

“Subjects listen to me! I am your king. Bring me this child. It will be my son’s personal maid!” the king commanded.

“No! Not my little [name]!” your mother cried. “She’s just so young!”

“Shut up, subject! Do what I commanded you! Bring me this child!”

You got the sense of the message really late. The king want to take you away! You hid behind your mother’s legs but a servant came and took you by your arm. Then he pulled you into the coach. You don’t wan to leave your living town and you don’t want to leave your mum. So you begun crying.

Your mother was crying, too but the king only mentioned
“She will have a better life.”

Then the door closed and you saw your mum the last time.

Inside the coach were two other people. A beautiful woman with long, blonde hair wearing a nice dress and a young boy in your age. He also has blonde hair.

“This is prince Arthur. You will follow him at every turn and fulfil each of his wishes. Is that clear?!” the king asked.

You nodded silently.
The prince doesn’t even pay attention and looked furthermore at the landscape.
Hey :D
My second FanFiction ^^
It should be longer than one or two chapters, so don't worry
about the length of this first chapter. It's only a prologue or so..

Chapter 1: here
Chapter 2: [link]

I don't own the picture, I found it on Google
I only own the story :3
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Awesome Story so far!
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